Our Pledge & Mission

The mission of Camp Bil-O-Wood is simple. Our primary focus is to provide experiences, through which children develop new skills, build friendships, and create lasting memories, all while having an awesome summer experience.  As campers learn and grow they gain self-confidence, self-awareness and self-determination. We believe in the importance of sharpening each camper's physical and mental capacity for successfully embracing lifes' challenges and adventures. While the world around us becomes more and more complex, Camp Bil-O-Wood emphasizes the importance of getting to know oneself and learning to understand and accept the differences between ourselves and others.  We believe the skills gained in a summer camp experience provide a child with a superior advantage throughout their lifetime. We call this the camp advantage.

It is with great satisfaction and a lifelong commitment that the members of the Bil-O-Wood family, and its personnel, dedicate ourselves to the improvememnt of the children on a physical, emotional, spiritual and social level so that each child may have a more satisfying and successful future.