Why Choose Bil-O-Wood

Safe and Nurturing Surroundings - Our trained and mature counselors have a genuine interest in and compassion for children. All counselors are carefully chosen to be positive, effective role models. Our surroundings nurture and challenge each child so they can develop a greater level of self-confidence and self-awareness. By learning a greater sense-of-self, camp shows children how to contribute to their surrounding community.

Enriching Environment - Our staff understands that a child first needs to feel secure before they will explore and try new things. Camp Bil-O-Wood’s supportive staff, structured activity program, and guided outdoor living and wilderness program helps campers develop skills, foster independence, and build self-confidence while having fun in a safe and energetic environment. Through daily interaction with fellow campers and staff, children learn to problem solve and to help others.

Friendships Forever - Living, laughing, sharing, and playing together bonds our campers in ways that form lifelong friendships. Camp Bil-O-Wood provides a community where every camper feels comfortable and safe whether they are a first time camper or returning camper.

A Flexible Camp Experience - Attending Camp Bil-O-Wood allows options in planning your summer for campers from ages 7 to 17. Choose from a two, three, four, or seven week session. Whenever your child attends, he or she will be welcomed and made to feel at home. They will have the opportunity to experience everything the Bil-O-Wood program has to offer.

A Dynamic Program – Bil-O-Wood offers outstanding activity choices in four major areas..

• A premier outdoor-living, wilderness exploration, and canoe-trip program.
• Athletics and sports featuring skill development in 15 major activities.
• Extensive aquatic and waterfront activities with instruction in swimming, sailing, waterskiing, lifeguarding, & more.
• A creative program including art & crafts, drama, nature study, outdoor exploration and education.